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About Us

Customer Satisfaction


At Small World, we do regular customer surveys. Here are the results of our latest one in 2014: Q1. 100% of those surveyed said they were happy with the service we provide. Extra comments included: "Extremely happy and couldn't ask for more!", "Small World provides a safe and stimulating environment." "Lovely surroundings and lovely staff!", "I was recommended to Small World by several of my friends and it met all expectations when my child started!"


Q2. 100% of those surveyed said they were happy with the quality of staff and their levels of communication. Extra comments included:"Staff are very approachable and keep us informed!", "Communication from staff is excellent" and "They are always very informative and friendly!", "Everyday staff seem genuinely interested in my child!", "Staff are excellent with children and parents!" There were lots of staff names mentioned with kind comments all of which have been passed on.


Q3 100% of parents said they would recommend us and most said they already had!


Q4. The best feature of the nursery voted by parents was the staff! Other feedback as follows: The nursery stands out from other because of, a) Quality of premises, b) Great outdoor area, c) Age-specific rooms, d) Exciting activities, e) Overall quality, f) Range of equipment, g) Quality of food.


Q5. 100% of parents said that they loved reading the diaries and a few comments asked for us to add more detail which we will address.


Q6. 70% of parents said they were very happy with our service and there is nothing they could add for us to raise our standards.

Our Aims


To provide the highest quality care in education for pre-school children in accordance with the government's early years curriculum. To promote a positive self-image for each child, taking into account their needs arising from race, culture, language and religion. To offer a fun and happy learning environment in which your child can grow. To deepen their understanding of the world around us.




Run by an experienced Primary teacher, Small World Day Nursery aims to give your child the best possible start in life. "Qualified teacher input maximises learning potential." - Surestart Research. All other staff are qualified or experienced in childcare and have gained Police, Health and Ofsted clearance to work with children. A key person will work closely with your child who will receive the highest level of quality, individual care, and attention. Written records will be kept of your child's progress and are available for parents to see at any time.




The nursery has been awarded a high grade in its OFSTED inspection. The inspectors gave particular praise to the 'safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff' and also to the 'well-planned activities which provide a stimulating learning environment'. They also commented on the very good professional relationship with parents who all had positive comments to make about the nursery.

Registered number EY278621.


sam and dylan in front of growing area

Sam Woodhead, age 4, & Dylan Woodhead, age 2

"In every part of Small World we aim to be the best. We personally choose the highest quality staff whom we trust to care for our own children. All staff are thoroughly checked including regular DBS checks according to Ofsted guidance."

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